Bulk Trash Put Out Too Early? [UPDATED]

It is that time of year when over eager residents sometimes start putting out bulk trash too early.  If that is happening, please contact the Hamden Litter Agent and let him know the address of the property where this has occurred.    Please feel free to contact William Sikorsky directly.   His email address is wsikorsky@hamden.com.


Hamden bulk trash pick-up policy states: Residents may put bulk trash in front of their homes during the entire month of April (April 1st-30th) and during the entire month of October (October 1st-31st). We would recommend, to be safe, put bulk trash out by April 23rd this year.

Rules about what is acceptable bulk trash: http://hamden.com/content/7089/7093/7091/7125/7252.aspx

Spring Leaf Pick up is done in late April thru the first week of May. Leaves need to be bagged in brown paper bags and left at the curb. Brush and tree limbs will be picked up at the same time if they are cut into 4′ lengths and bundled.