Email to Chief Wydra, Traffic Authority Commissioner Iezzi, Mayor Leng 5.13.16

Hello Commissioner Iezzi, Chief Wydra, Mayor Leng

Thank you for the amount of time devoted at Wednesday’s meeting to the Spring Glen Civic Association’s request for aggressive enforcement of traffic laws throughout Hamden. Also thank you to the dozens of citizens who attended and spoke so passionately about their personal experiences and concerns.

A special thank you to Chief Wydra, for committing to aggressive enforcement of traffic laws in Spring Glen. Chief, we have some specific steps we would like to see implemented by the end of this month or sooner.

Speed limit enforcement

Focus on Whitney from Skiff to Waite by placing speed compliance units on Whitney for 4-6 weeks, adding speed limit signs and school zone signs as needed, in both directions.

At the same time, inform the public that HPD will step up enforcement throughout the town.

When the units are removed, the radar enforcement begins in earnest, with real tickets, not warnings.

Stop light and stop sign enforcement

SGCA will provide a list of intersections where we want a squad car to be visible, parked in full view to remind people to obey the signs and signals. When the speed compliance units are removed from Whitney, aggressive enforcement of failure to obey laws begin with ticketing.

While impossible to cover every intersection at every minute of the day, officers can park at these intersections when they are doing paperwork. Residents have observed squad cars parked in the back of Walgreen’s, under the bridge on Connelly, and at the synagogue on Ridge for long periods of time, up to three hours.

Truck safety enforcement on Ridge and Hartford

Request CONNDOT truck safety inspection stations. Trucks may be using those streets to avoid inspection on commercial routes. Continue to enforce speed limits for all vehicles.

Other neighborhoods

Roll out more enforcement zones simultaneously or subsequently, keeping up enforcement throughout town.

Lives are at stake. Rush hour speeds through Spring Glen Village reach 60 mph as aggressive drivers fight to get ahead of one another, while hundreds of schoolchildren walk to and from Spring Glen and St. Rita’s schools, with only four stoplights and crosswalks over fourteen blocks. We will not wait for a tragedy to take place before Hamden traffic laws are obeyed.

Please let us know “what is the plan”.

Ron Remer

Spring Glen Civic Association, Safety Committee Chair