Report: Tree Removal Without Prior Notice?

westrock-summer-2-copyDiane Hoffman, a founding member of Save the Trees, posted this regarding the meeting at Dunbar Hill and the tree removal that was done in February in West Rock Park:

Folks, The DHCA meeting was definitely worth attending!

West Rock Ridge Park Association President Ted Lynn told the residents at the meeting about the 100 year old Hickory tree that was removed by DEEP on Feb 2nd “without any prior information to the West Rock Ridge Advisory Council, with whom DEEP is obligated by state statute to consult and without any prior information to the park Association or the general public.” Not only did DEEP fail to follow state law, DEEP Commissioner, Klee has treated Ted Lynn with disrespect and has suggested that after a 40 year old relationship of working together, DEEP is now interpreting the law differently putting the important function of the advisory council in jeopardy.

State Representative Mike D’Agostino and Senator Joseph Crisco are going to meet with DEEP Commissioner Klee to discuss the removal of the tree and planting another tree in it’s place. They will also discuss the importance of the West Rock Ridge Advisory Council

Councilman James Pascarella and Mayor Curt Leng are going to write a letter to Governor Malloy regarding the exchange that occurred between the DEEP Commissioner and members of the Advisory Council.

A petition is being circulated in support of having another tree planted in the field and also in support of the legitimacy of the West Rock Ridge Advisory Council and the importance of respecting and honoring their function. This petition will be posted as soon as it is received.

In the meantime, The website for the West Rock Ridge Park Association is
The email address is
The Spring 2016 edition of the Ridge Lines (The newsletter of the West Rock Ridge Park Association) has excellent coverage of this very terrible event and what has transpired since.

If anyone was at the meeting and feels I have misrepresented anything that was stated in this recap, please fell free to comment on the West Rock Ridge Park Association site. Thanks!