Safety Committee meets with Mayor and Chief to Discuss Town-Wide Traffic Calming

Summary of meeting with SGCA Safety Committee, Mayor Leng and Chief Wydra


The Spring Glen Civic Association met with the Mayor and Chief of Police to request increasing enforcement of traffic laws and the installation of speed humps, bumps and tables to slow traffic through-out the entire town of Hamden.

The Mayor and Chief reported on the current traffic projects that are nearly complete or scheduled to be started.

  • Permanent solar powered speed signs will be installed on Whitney Ave. These will identify the speed at which a motorist is traveling (Completion: ASAP).
  • An officer will be permanently assigned to the Hamden High School intersection at Dixwell and Connolly Parkway in the mornings. The officer will direct traffic flow and his/her presence will be an added deterrent to cars speeding through red lights.  (Completed).
  • Eight (8) new intersections are being installed on Whitney Ave. between the Parkway and Mt. Carmel connector. These new intersections will look like the intersections installed in Spring Glen several years ago. In addition, the intersections will have cameras, which will be used for a variety of police situations, but will NOT be used primarily for issuing citations (Completion: Winter 2017).
  • Waite St. near the bridge over the lake will be getting a speed hump and the Town and the RWA are putting in a new fence with railings, which will allow for some protection for walkers or bird watchers (Completion: Fall 2016).
  • Heading into Spring Glen from Dixwell on Connolly Parkway, a new intersection will be created at Thornton and Elgin. At that intersection, the ‘square’ will be painted a bright color and a raised walk or table will be installed.  This is meant to increase awareness that a driver is entering a neighborhood.  The traffic consultant will recommend whether a mini roundabout or rumble strips will also be installed or whether a bump out in the region of the intersection will be needed (Completion: ASAP).
  • There are multiple ongoing efforts to slow traffic on Ridge Road between Hartford Turnpike and State St.

The group discussed ways to encourage the public to drive safely and obey the traffic regulations.  The following recommendations were made:

  • Develop a public awareness campaign with the slogan, “Hamden, a safe driving town”, to start SEPTEMBER 1, 2016. All public media will be used to promote this campaign.
  • The focus of the campaign will be speed enforcement and light enforcement on TARGETED streets. The public will be notified of the streets which will be targeted. Targeted streets will be changed on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Three or four targeted streets will remain targeted for a two week period. Three or four DIFFERENT streets will be targeted in the next round and going forward.
  • Targeted streets for the first round will be those located at the following school intersections: Dixwell at Hamden High, Dixwell at Hamden Middle, Whitney at Spring Glen, Whitney at Gillies at St. Rita’s. In the first month of this program, tickets are supposed to be issued at these targeted sites REGARDLESS of excuses of the motorist.  This eliminates any favoritism and sends a message to all drivers in our town that no one is special.
  • Peg Sancomb and her neighbors will meet with the Chief to discuss the speed flasher locations and the residents’ request to change locations. In addition, they will meet with the traffic consultant and the Chief to discuss where to put in a cross walk at Waite and Ford and to install a SPEED TABLE between the crest of the hill and the Whitney intersection.
  • The group was in favor of installing more speed tables and to increase the effort to place these at many locations around town.
  • The group discussed speed issues on Hartford Turnpike.
  • The group will meet to discuss the results of the first week of the campaign and to follow up on the progress of the scheduled projects. Also, the group will identify sets of 3 streets for future targeted campaigns.