LED Streetlights Coming to Hamden?

The SGCA received this information from a member regarding the Town’s project to change street lights to LED.  His main concern is the color or the lights, although he mentions several professional sources regarding the problems with LED lights in the blue, bright white range.  Here is what he wrote the Mayor:

Dear Hamden Civic Associations and others,

The Town of Hamden is going to bring LED street lighting to our town. Residents, civic associations and others need to understand the implications (other than just saving money) and make sure that Hamden does NOT go to the hideous white/blue LED street lamps (makes your street look like an industrial parking lot) and instead go with a warmer color…more like we have now.

I suggest that any of you drive down Orange street in New Haven, where these white/blue  lights have been put in place. This kind of lighting in our Hamden neighborhoods will create a stark, joyless light, when instead we can lobby for warmer LED colors.

Below is my correspondence with the Town and following that is a copy of an article by Richard Stevens, Professor, School of Medicine, University of Connecticut.

Lastly I received this from Mayor Leng:
….All that said, I appreciate the information and don’t mind trying to get the energy use and climate commission involved to review and possibly just a brief meeting with you, UI, a couple members of the energy use commission and a couple Administration members.

Mayor Curt Balzano Leng

I would suggest that civic associations also attend this in the near future meeting, as it will be in the best interest of all the residents of Hamden.

If you have email addresses for other civic associations, please feel free to share this information.

Thank you,


SEE Attached for more information:

American Medical Association warns of
health and safety problems from ‘white’
LED streetlights