SGCA Announces Executive Board slate for 2017-2018

The following is the Spring Glen Civic Association’s slate of nominees for next year’s Executive Board. The Annual Meeting will be held June 8 (St. Rita’s). The Nominating Committee, headed by Denise LaFramboise and helped by Karlen Meinsen, Jeannie Palmer and Art Hunt were instrumental in getting a terrific group together. Anyone wishing to lead a committee, please let Denise know ASAP. She can be contacted at

President: Bob Pattison Bob has been very influential in the neighborhood and in the town, working actively on the issue of the UI tree trimming/tree cutting issue in the town and more recently, organizing people in Spring Glen against Hamden Hall’s proposal for stadium lights. He moved to Spring Glen from Whitneyville, where he was very involved with the Whitneyville Civic Association and served as President.

Vice President: Elaine Dove and Denise Laframboise Long-time active members of the Spring Glen Civic Association, both Elaine and Denise have served on the Executive Board in various roles, including President, and would like to share the role of Vice President.

Treasure: Heather Wainwright Heather is currently on the Executive Board of the Spring Glen Elementary School PTA, where she is also treasurer

Corresponding Secretary: Jennifer Pope and Jorge Fernandez Jennifer and Jorge have both been active in the neighborhood, most recently with their involvement with the Hamden Progressive organization, which is sponsoring a Syrian refugee family. They would like to share the job of corresponding secretary, with Jennifer responsible for conventional correspondence and the newsletter, and Jorge taking over most of the social media communication.

Recording secretary: Michele Helou Michelle is a green building consultant, who was helpful to the Civic Association last fall in researching information about rules for properties on the state list of historical buildings. She was recently very instrumental in the fight against stadium lighting; she researched and wrote up a document which was largely responsible for Hamden Hall dropping the request to the town to change the lighting zoning laws.