New Zoning Regulations: Lighting Athletic Fields

The Planning and Zoning Commission will meet on Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. at the Legislative Council Chambers to hear public comment on two amendments to the Zoning Regulations. One regulation affects Spring Glen. Hamden Hall is requesting lighting for its fields on Skiff St., which abuts the SG neighborhood.
This is the Proposal:
Proposed Amendment to the Zoning Regulations 16-961
Add Section 581-Lighting for Outdoor Athletic Facilities
Hamden Hall Country Day School, Applicant
The Town has proposed the following addition to the Zoning Regulations.
Lighting for outdoor athletic field shall be permitted in all zones on publicly and privately owned property used institutionally for athletic fields, subject to Special Permit and Site Plan approval in accordance with Section 718 and 720. Lighting for outdoor athletic fields shall be permitted subject to the following requirements (abbreviated here):
1. All lighting fixtures shall be selected and installed in such a manner as to protect surrounding uses from glare and spill…
2. The applicant shall provide a photometric survey indicating that the light intensity from the fixtures shall not exceed 0.0 foot candles at any property line…
3. The maximum height of a lighting stanchion shall be 80 feet.
4. The applicant shall provide information about the times of use of the outdoor athletic lighting as part of any Special Permit Application.

For detailed information, go the the Hamden website, Planning Department, Planning and Zoning Commission and click on Current Applications Before the Commission